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Secure Socket Layer (SSL)
In the past using an SSL certificate on a website was reserved for e-commerce sites or financial websites (banking, investing, ETC). That’s all changing and changing fast! All the important players in the Internet and online world are very concerned about online security. Not only for their own companies but for the world-wide web in general. Google has even started to give some added weight when ranking a site to those that are using the HTTPS protocol (SSL). That one fact should be enough incentive to start using an SSL certificate. Websites that use an SSL certificate display HTTPS with a lock icon https with lock image and savvy users have come to rely on seeing the HTTPS and lock. This assures your visitors that the communication between their browser and your website is encrypted and greatly helps in preventing an attack or compromise of their browser. So, these are some very good reasons to use an SSL certificate so secure your website.

  • You can expect better Google page search rankings
  • In general, much better security for your website
  • Greater customer trust in your site

Now that you know that you need to use SSL what’s next? You’ll need to purchase a certificate! The good news here is that all hosting companies offer SSL certificates and the trend today is to include some sort of SSL certificate with a hosting package. If you must purchase one, the cost runs from around $10 to $100 per year for a standard certificate. If you need to protect enterprise information and/or financial data with high-level security expect to shell out $500 to a few thousands a year.  I use and strongly recommend WordPress hosting with SiteGround. They include a Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate for FREE now with all their hosting packages. I use the GrowBig package that includes many features and add-ons the most other web hosting companies charge extra for.

Next, we’ll cover email accounts!


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